About Moyowise

Moyowise Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and brand marketing of intelligent hardware. Intelligent hardware devices support rich wireless communication functions, powerful AI algorithms, and a wide range of sensing and collection functions. Intelligent hardware supports 4G / 5G / NB-IOT / LORA / WIFI / DMR intercom / satellite communication / private network and other fully covered communication methods; supports various ID cards, fingerprints, barcodes, NFC, UHF UHF, Beidou high Accurate positioning, Beidou short message, infrared thermal imaging, bio-fluorescence recognition, laser recognition and other rich recognition and collection functions; sensor equipment that supports temperature, humidity, pressure, and various gas collection and recognition; create AI intelligent robots for multi-scenario applications ; Auxiliary equipment such as a variety of printing terminals and measuring instruments. Provide a wealth of intelligent hardware solutions for smart government affairs, public utilities, medical education and financial services, smart agriculture, smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart cities, smart parks, smart buildings and other scenarios.