Explosion-proof mark level Exib IIB T4, in line with the national standard GB3836.1/GB3836.4 explosion-proof requirements, explosion-proof battery 7800 mAh.

M8 Explosion-proof tablet

Product features

Explosion-proof grade

Ex ib IIB T4

Explosion-proof certification number:


Conform to national standard:GB3836.1、GB3836.4

Explosion-proof battery capacity:7800mAh

Anti-drop height:


Industrial three-proof levelIP68

Product function

Barcode/QR code

Distant code

DPM code scanning

RFID UHF(read/wrihte)

fingerprint recognition

ID Identification

Face recognition



Beidou Message

IR thermal imaging

Temperture measurement

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  • Brand Name: MOYOWISE

    Product Name:  Explosion-proof tablet 

    Explosion-proof certification:

    Explosion-proof mark grade Exib IIB T4, meet the explosion-proof requirements of national standard GB3836.1/GB3836.4, explosion-proof battery 7800mAh.

    The main function:

    Explosion-proof│ID card recognition│fingerprint recognition│face comparison│personal verification│barcode scanning│RFID identification│UHF UHF│NFC reading and writing│infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement│Beidou/GPS/GLONASS high-precision positioning│Beidou short message

    The main parameters:

    8-core CPU, 2.0G │Android Android operating system│8-inch sunlight visible HD display, 1920*1200 HD│multi-touch, stylus touch│4GB +64GB /2+16GB memory optional│ Explosion-proof battery 7800mAh │ IP68 three-proof security certification│ USB3.0 high-speed transmission, high-voltage fast charge, support OTG │ 

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    Explosion-proof tablet 

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