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Mobile medical cloud technology tablets are widely used in medical rounds, mobile electronic cases, mobile image libraries, mobile drug orders, surgical testing, mobile registration and triage, medical training, medical conferences, psychological medical consultation, etc. , A good helper of data medicine.

M8 Medical Tablet

Product features

Android operating system Eight cores, 2.0GHZ

8 inch IPS HD1920*1200 resolutionSunlight visual display 

9000mAh, 3.85V

Built-in safety cell

High polymer density

Type-C, USB3.0 fast charge;OTG, expandable network cable interface

IP68 industrial three protection

Product function

Barcode scanning of medical records/wrist straps/infusion bags

RFID medical card reading

UHF UHF tag readers write

Fingerprint recognition

ID card recognition 

Face recognition/ personal verification

NFC medical card reading and writing


Body temperature detection

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  • Brand Name:  MOYOWISE 

    Product name: Medical Tablet

    main feature:

    1. MOYOWISE  M8 is a medical-grade tablet designed for medical staff.

    2. M8 mobile medical cloud technology tablet PC is widely used in medical rounds, mobile electronic cases, mobile image library, mobile drug list, surgical testing, mobile registered triage, medical training, medical conference, psychological medical consultation, etc. , A good helper for telemedicine and data medicine.

    3. Protect information security: fingerprint identification, face recognition and ID card identification verify the user's identity;

    4. Infrared temperature measurement: It is convenient for medical staff to carry out body temperature detection. 

    5. Antibacterial and anti-corrosion: the whole machine supports anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion, it can support 75% concentration of alcohol to wipe the whole machine (including screen), and it can be placed in a disinfection cabinet for disinfection; 

    6. Fast charging, low power consumption, long battery life: 9000mAh super large capacity battery, which can meet the continuous use of high load for one day .

    7. Waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall: IP68 waterproof and dustproof industrial grade, suitable for multi-scenario environment of the hospital, able to withstand multiple drops at a height of 1.2 meters. 

    8. High configuration: Android operating system, Qualcomm eight-core processor, smooth experience; 

    9. Light and thin medical design, comfortable grip; 8-inch high-definition display screen, multi-touch, to meet various special operating needs. 

    The main function: 

    ID card identification │ fingerprint │ face than │ witnesses verification │ barcode scanning RFID│UHF UHF│NFC reading and writing│Infrared temperature measurement│Beidou/GPS/GLONASS high-precision positioning

    The main parameters: 

    8-core CPU, 2.0G │Android Android operating system│8-inch sunlight visible HD display, 1920*1200 HD│ multi-touch, stylus touch│4GB +64GB /2+16GB memory optional│ 9000mAh safe and large Capacity battery │ IP68 three-proof security certification │ USB3.0 high-speed transmission, high-voltage fast charge, support OTG │    

    Product details >>>

    Medical Tablet

    Medical Barcode recognition

    RFID/NFC card reader


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