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Fighting the epidemic, Moyowise is in action, infrared thermometer escorts the health
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    Since the past few days, the development of the epidemic has affected the hearts of the people. With the official start of construction, various provinces and cities in China will usher in the first wave of large-scale rework.

     At present, the main fluid temperature detection method used in the epidemic is the frontal temperature gun. The frontal temperature gun detection has obvious disadvantages. For example, there are errors in most scenarios. One of the biggest errors of the frontal temperature gun is the person at 37 ℃. 35 and 32°C will be measured, and people who are already at 38°C will be deemed to have normal body temperature. In addition, the forehead temperature gun is suitable for detection points with small flow of people. If it is a high-density and large-scale flow of people, it will be easy to detect There is a risk of queuing and cross infection.

     Therefore, under the pressure of the second and third wave of rework, how to avoid queue temperature measurement and reduce the risk of propagation has become the main task at the moment. MOYOWISE Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement Identity Recognition System accurately fights the epidemic situation, and intelligent temperature measurement equipment acts as a defense against "gatekeepers".