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Moyowise Intelligent R&D Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Anti-epidemic "Artifact" Take
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  In order to meet the upcoming school season, Moyowise Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s anti-epidemic "artifact" hard core has been launched recently, and multiple infrared thermal imaging cameras have been first assembled and put into use in major universities in and around the city. Try to put the good teachers and students into the first pass.

  After installation, debugging and training, the infrared thermal imager equipment was successfully put into use. Teachers and students entered the temperature measurement range synchronously when they passed the school gate. The system measures the temperature of the entering personnel. The staff can directly capture whether the body temperature is abnormal through the screen. , If the temperature measurement exceeds the standard value, there will be a warning sound to remind.

  Infrared thermal imaging cameras are installed at the entrance of the school, which is safe, fast and efficient. It solves the problems of dense student flow and difficult monitoring tasks for students returning to school, and reduces the occurrence of cross-infection. The prevention and control of the epidemic is a'timely rain'. It provides a solid epidemic prevention guarantee for grassroots schools to return to school. "

  In order to cope with the upcoming school tide and ensure the maximum health and safety of the teachers and students entering the school, we have successively equipped Mantong brand infrared thermal imaging cameras in large-scale schools at the grass-roots level, using information technology to achieve precise prevention and control, and firmly blocked the epidemic situation at the school gate. In addition, ensure the pure land of the campus.